We might as well call this segment “Dealing with this Month”.  We are being flooded with news and information about you-know-what.    At Laberee Law PC, we suggest it would be prudent and healthful to plan for the day when things get better – – when quarantines are lifted and businesses begin the slog back towards “normal”.  Specifically, for early stage companies and investors, take this time to:

  • Revise both cash flow projections and expense forecasts.
  • Review human resources policies and procedures.
  • Develop remote working policies and expectations.
  • Maximize remote sales techniques and use the telephone to communicate.
  • Consider cyber security issues, such as vulnerabilities in VPNs, websites and email.
  • Double-check data back up and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Communicate with investors and show intelligent, credible and proactive responses to the you-know-what problem. Be transparent and do not over-promise.

If we at Laberee Law PC can help you deal with this month, please let us know.