Imagine thousands of spectators crowded into an arena eagerly following the action as teams of professional players compete in video game contests. Such scenes are repeated throughout the world each week and traditional sports fans – – and tradition profession sports business models – – do not fully understand the new phenomenon.  But the eSports business is real, it is global and it is huge. Just take a look at how eSports is handled on ESPN or Yahoo and track how traditional sports teams are investing in eSports!   Fans pay admission fees, buy products and purchase their own games and accessories.  There are huge dollars at stake as game publishers, sponsors, investors, players and fans work their way through the unfolding eSports phenomenon.  Even now, there are many ways to follow eSports teams and players.   Stay tuned!  This year will be a breakout year for the eSports business and Laberee Law will be there for the fun.